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Frank De Mulder

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The leading Belgian fashion and glamour photographer Frank De Mulder is a celebrated personality within the international photo scene. He has worked for large advertising campaigns and well-known magazines, including Playboy, FHM, GQ, Maxim, Elle and Ché De Mulder’s most intriguing work, however, are the intimate impressions of female emotions and beauty.

Frank De Mulder was born 22 August 1963 in Ghent, Belgium. Already as a young boy he was fascinated by image, light and beauty. He got his first camera from his father at the age of 12. 
t 17 he started to copy the photo’s of David Hamilton, invested all his pocket money in photo equipment and learned by books the world of light and photography. 
H studied film direction at RITS in Brussels and continued his studies in Ghent at the Royal Art Academy, where he graduated cum laude. 
Frnk did his army service in the cinematography division where he made some “war movies” for military trainings.

He started his career as cameraman and director of photography in several short movies and commercials. At the age of 29 he decided photography was his real passion. Since then, he worked his way up to become a worldwide celebrated photographer, represented by teNeues Publishers. At his side there is always Michèle van Damme, his partner in work. “It takes two to tango” 
Micèle is responsible for art-direction and digital postproduction. 
Togeher they built 3 studios, the latest one in Merelbeke near Ghent.