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FRAGINE MEN Schoolstraat 13 Deerlijk 8540 Belgium FRAGINE WOMEN Harelbekestraat 2a Deerlijk 8540 Belgium Tel: +32 56 72 95 75

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1972: Régine Ronsse Fragine started a women’s clothing store in Deerlijk.

Due to great success, Fragine moved to the Harelbekestraat in 2001 for 1200m² of clothing pleasure.

Men’s department in 2001: Chicolata became Fragine Men, a complete for men in the Schoolstraat in Deerlijk

Expansion in 2020: Fragine Women already got a makeover in 2001, but was expanded a bit in 2020.

Our story

The story of Fragine started in 1972 when Régine Ronsse started a clothing store for women in the school street in Deerlijk. The great success eventually led to the move to Harelbekestraat in 2001, where 1200 m2 of pure clothing pleasure for women is offered. There used to be the Chicolata shop in Schoolstraat, which mainly sold jeans and youth clothing. The girls’ department moved to Fragine Women and so in 2002 Chicolata became Fragine Men, a full men’s department. “Our female customers come from all over Flanders”, says co-manager Jo De Brauwer. “Even from Limburg and Antwerp.

And so we also have to respond to many trends. We always stay in a certain price range, but vary from casual to exclusive top brands. Thanks to the very large selection of brands, mother and daughter can come shopping together.” Another strong asset of Fragine are the pre-collections. “We are going to buy very early, so that the new collections arrive very early. And that is clearly catching on because our fashion-conscious customers want to be the first to add the new models to their wardrobe.” In addition to established values, Fragine is always looking for new eye-catchers. “Flash collections are ideal for following the latest fashion trends closely,” explains Jo. “These collections are an ideal addition to the existing range.

We have a fashion-conscious clientele. That has grown over the years due to the interaction between our approach and customer demand. The customer is also more picky than before. Buying special clothing Customers no longer attend certain parties, but they are fully aiming for the pre-collections and we are happy to bring them home.” In addition to an extensive and varied range of clothing brands, we also offer a number of accessories for the ladies, such as belts and bags!


Open every day from 9am to 12pm and from 1.30pm to 6.30pm
Sunday open from 10 am to 12 pm
Closed on Sunday afternoon and Monday morning

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FRAGINE MEN Schoolstraat 13 Deerlijk 8540 Belgium

FRAGINE WOMEN Harelbekestraat 2a Deerlijk 8540 Belgium