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Office Diestsevest 76 Leuven 3000 Belgie Tel: +32 16 24 29 24 Mobile: +32 16 24 29 19 Website:


Flanders DC aspires more, stronger and future-oriented creative entrepreneurship in the whole of Flanders. We reach this goal by strengthening, connecting and promoting the Flemish creative economy.

  • We strengthen the creative economy by offering inspiration, advice and instruments on entrepreneurial skills, internationalization, advanced business models and methods.
  • We connect the creative economy with other sectors by offering matchmaking projects or networking events to stimulate cross-overs.
  • We promote the creative economy by organizing promotional activities at home and abroad.
  • Our primary target group are entrepreneurs (to be) from the creative industries and the wider creative economy.

In January 2016, Flanders Fashion Institute and Design Flanders became part of the organization Flanders DC. This new partnership includes a focus on design and fashion. At the Flemish Government’s demand we also developed an extra program, which is specifically designed for the gaming industry. For the gaming program, Flanders DC collaborates with Flega and other industry-related partners.

Furthermore, Flanders DC is internationally active. We coordinate the Districts of Creativity Network, which unites thirteen of the most creative and innovative regions all over the world. Together we exchange experiences and work together in order to stimulate creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship. We are also a member of several relevant sector networks, nationally and internationally.

Flanders DC has a highly-motivated team and is guided by a board of directors. Being a non-profit organization, Flanders DC has a management contract with the Flemish government.

*Creative sectors: architecture, audio-visual sector, visual arts, cultural heritage, design, gaming, written media (books, magazines & periodical press), fashion, music, new media, performance arts and last but not least the marketing and communications sector.

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Diestsevest 76 Leuven 3000 Belgie