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From discarded flags to unique and sustainable gadgets
Anyone holding a Flagbag item will immediately see that it is a unique creation. And a sustainable one, because the hip gadgets we make are the result of upcycling and social employment. Whether it’s a bicycle bag, a laptop sleeve or something else, our creations are all living proof that sustainability and design can indeed go hand in hand.

Smart recycling

As an upcycling project, Flagbag is a textbook example of the cradle-to-cradle principle. We use discarded flags, pennants and sails, which would otherwise end up on the waste mountain, and we give them a new life as a hip design object in a smart and unique way. We use the flags and sails as raw materials for unique shoulder bags, bicycle bags or toilet bags. We also try to recover the other raw materials, such as zippers, as much as possible from old textiles. Even the sewing machines we work with are second-hand. In this way we contribute to a better environment and a smaller mountain of waste.

We strive for a 100% local product. We keep the distance from raw material to finished product as small as possible so that the impact on the environment is also as small as possible. The flags and sails come from municipalities and companies in Belgium and are processed in a local workshop by local workers.

Social employment

In addition to an upcycling project, Flagbag is also a training and social employment project: we help people who find it difficult to find work on the regular job market. Our employees, people from disadvantaged groups, use a sewing machine to convert the old flags and sails into bicycle bags, shoulder bags and other unique items. They derive great job satisfaction from the responsibility they are given to us and are justifiably proud of their creations. And who knows, thanks to the work and training they receive at Flagbag, they may grow into the mainstream economy.

Who is behind Flagbag?

Flagbag is an initiative of De Springplank vzw. De Springplank vzw is a tailor-made company: our core task is to offer tailor-made work and support to people who find it difficult to find a job on the regular labor market. In this way they find meaningful daytime activities, financial security and job satisfaction. Thanks to this work experience and the broadening of their competences, they often find a regular job after a few years through a transfer process.

In order to give as many people as possible a tailor-made job, De Springplank vzw is active in various domains: recycling activities “Okazi”, upcycling with Flagbag, recycling with Creazi, assembly of (company) bicycles with Velovisie, rental and maintenance of bicycles via bicycle paradise Limburg. be, operation of bicycle points at the stations of Genk, Hasselt, Sint-Truiden and on the Portavida Welfare Campus in Genk and the concept store with vintage loft Hendrikshuis in the center of Hasselt.

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Stadsheide 2 Hasselt 3500 Belgium