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FITCO is your flexibel partner in technical textiles

Fitco NV, established in 1999, continues to develop, innovate and expand its activities.

A wide range of products

At FITCO we have a specialized manufacturing division for yarns, textiles, fibres, strapping and injection moulded pieces.

In our yarn division we can accommodate special requirements such as entangling, twisting and winding during preparation.

The weaving mill produces customer designed (semi)manufactured products. We aim for vertical integration in order to offer our clients the best product at the best price. Therefore we work with state of the art machinery to produce technical woven fabrics and narrow fabrics, which can also be coated or thermo fixed.

The end products, manufactured at FITCO, are distributed and applied in a wide variety of technical markets such as the automotive, filtration, concrete, paper and packaging, telecom, geo and agro textiles,..

We continue to invest in our production lines, new processes and applications for future technologies.
At FITCO, R&D is the key word in order to fit the needs of our clients!
The management team at FITCO is recognized by its partners in the automotive, telecom and electronics industries as dynamic and flexible.

With a proven record of innovative and technical expertise, FITCO is the best fit for your company!!!

To accomodate the rapid growth of our business and partners, the owners of Fitco decided in 2006 to start a sistercompany ZARGAL. A 22,000 sqm production unit was built next to FITCO.

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John Cordierlaan 10 OOSTENDE 8400 Belgium