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Innovation leader and trendsetter
Finipur is an international trendsetter in the use of technical coatings and innovative applications for finishing semi-manufactured products. At Finipur, we work with customers across all industries around Europe. We create strong partnerships with our customers, enabling us to work together to find innovative solutions. Finipur is a business with a great history but its future looks even brighter thanks to its vision to support sustainable investment in people, the environment, technology and safety.

70 000m² A DAY

1 400 000m² A MONTH

15 000 000m² A YEAR

Since 1978 Finipur specialises in the treatment of various textile fabrics

Using various specific and unique types of “finishing” per article and per customer, we can offer our customers a “tailor-made” R&D. Moreover, we make our vast knowledge of the newest (innovative) materials available to you, meaning that we signify an important added value for your product. We offer our customers at tailor-made technical solutions home and abroad, we always strive for unsurpassed quality and we can ensure a very high flexibility within our manufacturing processes.

Finipur is active in highly divergent industries : technical textile, interior and outdoor textile (carpets, upholstery fabrics, curtains, bathroom, kitchen, …), automotive, train, maritime, buses (coaches), airplanes, army, sports, packaging, shoes, filters, animal farming, roofing material, show business, insulation, protective clothing, tents, baby goods, garden, nonwoven, bamboo, …

Why Finipur?

Our mission
As a Belgian textile company we are specialised in the treatment of a large assortment of textile substrates and we are already active in the most divergent industries such as interior, outdoor, transport, military, shoes, filters,… Because of our elaborate knowledge of the newest materials, we ensure that the products of our customers at home and abroad are given a significant added value. (“we upgrade your product”)

Because Finipur is valued as a trend-setting and esteemed company by its stakeholders (customers, suppliers, personnel, shareholders …), we wish to create a captivating and inspiring working environment; we always strive for top quality and within the company, the respect for the environment and fellow man is omnipresent.


Finipur is a company with a golden past, but keeps its eye on the future. Since more than 30 years we are your indispensable link in the process from manufacturer to consumer. We thank this strong position to our knowhow and our unique experience that dates back to the start of the 19th century.

People and environment

Finipur wishes to create a distinct profile of itself as durable partner, by achieving with a minimum of raw materials, energy and human effort a maximum of added value. For this reason, we comply since many years with all legal demands. We only work with raw materials that comply with the laws in force, we invest in adequate working tools and in safe working conditions, follow a proactive environmental policy, and energy-friendly processes are continuously being implemented.

Because Finipur applied for the zero-dump status, no wastewater can be discharged anymore. All our process water is in other words 100% reused in the existing production processes. In August 2012 Finipur engaged itself even further by signing the “Durable Enterprising Charter” of the province West-Flanders. By doing this, Finipur wishes to give a tangible form to the idea of durable enterprising by striving ever further to a continuous improvement of the performances environmental, social and economic level.

“we strive for safe and environmental-friendly working surroundings, ensuring that our collaborators function at their best.”

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Oudenaardse heerweg 76 Deerlijk 8540 Belgium