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Fibertex has acquired worldwide fame and recognition for the weaving and finishing of high-end jacquard upholstery fabrics, curtains and textile wall coverings. Fibertex is a fully integrated company, spanning all production steps in their own premises without any need to rely on third parties. Amongst our clients are some of the world’s most prestigious textile wholesalers and editeurs, catering the high-end segment of residential home decoration and the best of the project market.


We strive for full client satisfaction on every level by furnishing them with fabrics and textile products that will make a clear difference through:


As far as design is concerned, our creative department spots and picks up trends in their earliest stages, long before they become mainstream.


Furthermore we do not compromise on quality. Our products are generally qualified as extremely durable and luxurious, thanks to the exquisite yarns, craftsmanship, knowhow and meticulous production techniques.


Size and nature of your design, weaving and/or printing and a large choice of finishings, personalization, the colors of your choice, the required stain release or fire retardant coating… as far as customization is concerned everything can be done to meet your needs and wishes.


We are proud of our Belgian/Flemish origin and of our Belgian and French workforce. Everything we sell is made in our own mills, with raw materials we source from central European countries. What better proof of quality can you possibly require?


The roots of the Fibertex company go back as far as the nineteen-twenties when Emile Legon started his flax and cotton bleaching and dyeing business in Kortrijk. In the mid-seventies the actual Fibertex company was founded, now combining both weaving and finishing activities.

Continuous growth and subsequent investments led to the need for larger production facilities. The actual plant and headquarters on the grounds of the Kortrijk/Wevelgem airport date from 1992 and present the state-of-the-art in weaving, printing and finishing of textile niche products such as upholstery, curtains and textile wall coverings.

The common thread through the entire company history: the Legon family. Today’s ownership and management of the Fibertex company is in the hands of already the 4th Legon generation. This family approach stands for a daily and far-reaching involvement of the management, for real customer intimacy and for short communication lines.

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Vliegveld-Taxibaan 19 bus 2 Wevelgem 8560