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Façon Jacmin

Contact: Alexandra Jacmin Ségolène Jacmin
Kammenstraat 58 Antwerpen 2000 Belgium Mobile: +32 (0) 474 330 255 Website:

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Our Story

Belgian designer Alexandra Jacmin and her entrepreneur twin sister Ségolène Jacmin established their eco-conscious label FAÇON JACMIN in 2016. After graduating from La Cambre, Alexandra worked for Maison Martin Margiela and Jean-Paul Gaultier. The duo has since carved out a unique position amongst Belgium’s most innovative emerging talents.

FAÇON JACMIN is an attitude. With their label, the twins aime to give women more confidence and empower them in their everyday life, helping to express themselves to the fullest.

Alexandra’s designs explore the codes of seduction, and the alliance of masculinity and femininity. If denim remains her field of predilection, other fabrics are intertwined with it, to present a playful silhouette, meddling boldness and charm – a vision for an eco-conscious, modern, desirable, and determined woman.

Next to the main collections, capsule collections made of up-cycled designs are crafted by hand in our atelier in Antwerp and revealed once a year.

FAÇON JACMIN was awarded “Best Talent 2016” by C’est du Belge/RTBF, and a year later, in 2017 an award for “Best Emerging Talent” at the Belgian Fashion Awards.

A Japanese love story

FAÇON JACMIN has a certain affinity for denim, and more particularly for Japanese denim, giving the clothes finesse and durability. Japan, renowned globally for producing the best denim, has managed to preserve their traditional, artisanal craft creating an affinity to authenticity.

The natural indigo, a dye that is among one of the oldest, gives the pieces a rich colour, as well as a rich history. Natural indigo is still used in Japan, resulting in deep blues and improved wear resistance. They work with traditional machines that create a tighter weaving pattern improving resilience, while offering strength and delicateness at the same time. Japanese denim, supported by the culture of perfectionism, has a premium and distinctive composition that has become the nation’s pride, leaving a mark in Japanese modern history – a history that is a true mix of tradition and innovation.

Since the beginning of FAÇON JACMIN, the twins have been influenced and passionate about embracing Japan and its rich culture.