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Eva Velazquez

Office 56 Rue Franz Merjay Brussels 1050 Belgium Tel: +32 (2) 223 04 11 Tel: +32 (2) 346 05 00 Website:

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Combining her love of beautiful materials with her passion for antique clothing, eva velazquez offers a timeless wardrobe away from ephemeral trends to reconnect with essential forms and especially the roots of the past.

Using utilitarian clothing as a starting point -from dungarees and uniforms to loungewear- she makes minimal and striking pieces feminine, ensuring every detail has a reason to exist. Willing to tell a story through her line, she reincarnates garments to make them personal and intimate. Fully designed and manufactured in Belgium, the collection uses only the finest materials, as well as upcycled and antique fabrics, subtly mixing ancient styles with new shapes. The aesthetics of European military uniforms, traditional workwear and popular clothes are ongoing sources of inspiration for the designer, motivated by her longing for truth and ethics.

Is therefore the opposite of a disposable and perishable brand, favoring technical effort instead of sloppy work. Eva velazquez also decided to preserve and revitalize the beauty of antique pieces, underlining a quality that stands the test of time.

Ancien Atelier is the most exclusive part of the brand, focusing on pieces searched within various European countries. Peasant shirts, cotton dresses, Victorian blouses, overalls, military costumes and precious lace are cleaned and reshaped to maintain their integrity. Each item is chosen for its uniqueness, the quality of its fabric and artisan finishings.

Also offering handpicked accessories, Ancien Atelier adds extra soul to styles crossing generations, the result of a constant search around antique clothing.

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56 Rue Franz Merjay Brussels 1050 Belgium