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Office Trading & Distribution Transportcentrum Lar 50 Kortrijk 8511 BelgiumOffice Open End Spinning IJzeren Bareel 42 Spiere-Helkijn 8587 BelgiumOffice Beaming Industriezone 8 Kruishoutem 9770 Belgium Tel: +32 (0)56 430 130 Fax: +32 (0)56 404 330 Website:

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About European Spinning Group

Our business

European Spinning Group is a family-owned textile group with over 100 employees, located in Flanders, Belgium.

The yarns and services from our textile group have been synonymous with absolute quality for many years. A high level of internal specialization, a flexible approach towards customers, tight in-house quality control and an organization built on strong values have enabled us to conquer a vast market covering Europe, North and South America, Africa and extending to Asia and Australia.

Our values

Our guarantee of quality
We observe very strict quality standards. Over one hundred qualified employees with excellent technical training are engaged daily in the development and production of our yarns. A specialized team constantly ensures its quality in our modern laboratory.



Solutions tailor-made for the customer

Creativity in the textile industry stimulates development and innovation. Our R&D team continuously monitors new developments and researches new markets that match our existing strategy and know-how.

The result is a large range of products that are able to meet the individual requirements of the customer. Whether it is for upholstery fabrics, curtains, decorative fabrics, carpets, mattress ticking, narrow fabric, trimmings, denim and apparel, household and bath-linen or technical textiles (woven or knitted).

Total partnership

Our aim is to provide constant and maximum service. Short delivery times and flexibility evidence this. We seek to find the best solution in consultation with our customer. If a solution cannot be found within our own production, we call upon our specialized external partners.


As we believe we need to act now to create a better world, we are continuously integrating sustainability in our daily processes, raw materials purchases and partner selection.

Continuously investing in modern machinery, gives us the possibility to produce in an ecological, energy-efficient way with integrated waste management systems.
We also have our own Solar Energy production both in our spinning units as in our warehousing and distribution unit.

By using dope-dyed fibers in our spinning mill, we avoid conventional dyeing with all its ecological disadvantages.
This way, we save millions of liters of water.
European Spinning Group is Oeko-Tex® certified.

Family values

Our textile group is a third generation family business with its roots in the Belgian flax industry.

The importance of family values such as trust, respect and integrity is reflected throughout our daily operations. Focus on long term commitment and partnership with all stakeholders is the drive behind our organization and our competitive advantage.


Our history

Jérome Lietaer started in the flax and linen business in 1924, when the industry flourished in Flanders. In 1948, his son André joined the family business.As of 1963, André shifted the focus from flax linen to yarns and established Symaco in 1972, the foundation of our textile group. Driven by his passion for textiles and for pigeons, André explored the world to find the best raw material for the European textile industry.In 1979, the second generation, headed by André’s son Alain, expanded the textile activities with production facilities in Belgium by founding the Avelgemse Spinnerij (AVS).In 1991, AVS moved from Avelgem to a greenfield site in Spiere-Helkijn and was baptized AVS Spinning. The spinning facilities included a revolutionary open-end coloured yarn production technique and raw white synthetic yarn production lines. In 1997, the spinning mill was further expanded with the launch of Sigma Spinning, an open-end cotton spinning mill.Further external growth and synergies were realized in 2008 through a joint-venture with the UCO Yarns division from the Vlerick Group, which was in 2012 fully integrated within European Spinning Group. In order to expand the yarn service activities further, the group acquired Demtex, a beaming facility in Kruishoutem, in 2012.Currently, the third generation is active in the textile group, ready to continue the story of the family business with a passion for textiles and entrepreneurship all around the world. All activities are being rebranded under the commercial name ‘European Spinning Group’, in order to outline the strong foundations as a diversified European yarn production group.

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Trading & Distribution Transportcentrum Lar 50 Kortrijk 8511 Belgium

Open End Spinning IJzeren Bareel 42 Spiere-Helkijn 8587 Belgium

Beaming Industriezone 8 Kruishoutem 9770 Belgium