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Eric Beauduin

Office CHAUSSÉE DE CHARLEROI, 229 Brussels 1060 Belgium Tel: +32 2 534 72 10

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Eric Beauduin started working with second hand materials ten years ago.
This decision was more instinctively than from an ecological conviction and he dissected old clothes to make bags.

The details and secrets of clothes and accessories such as pockets, buttonholes, lining and reinforcements have always caught his interest more than the overall aspect of clothes.

Initially he used clothes in fabric, men’s suit, shirts, coats, but quickly moved on to leather clothes.
The patina of a used leather trench, bomber or jacket gives the soul of his accessories.

Season after season he invents hand made bags with techniques coming from clothes tailoring and leather goods traditions.

Each piece is an experiment. The original clothes pockets, seams and details, the different leathers,
the colors of the passed fashion are transposed into the bags.

The shapes and the use of the bags change following the demands and desires, but the concept is always the same.

Everything is made in the designer’s house in Brussels.
Impossible to duplicate a piece.
A limited production of by number labeled pieces.
Few sofisticated selling points in Belgium, France, Japan, USA.
Should this be named slow fashion?


All bags are cut in second hand leather jackets, trenches, bombers, skirts.
The handles, slings, straps, piping are made in the same leather.
The material is all kinds of soft and smooth leather such as lamb’s leather, calfskin, goat’s leather used in manufacturing leather clothes.
The leather is usually lined with fabric.
Some of the models are reinforced with felt inside.
The inside is made with the same leather and a black “pocketting” fabric so that keys or sharp metal
objects don’t cause any damage.