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Ellen Verbeek

Office Blokstraat 73 Schiplaken 3191 Belgium Tel: +32 (0)477 358627 Website:

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ellen verbeek started her brand in 2000, passionated about shoes she went to Italy to the shoe area and got in touch with an artisanal factory, managed by older but very experienced craftsmen who could realise her architectural ideas on shoes.

Shoes are our connection with the earth, the foundation of a human body ! To combine these vulnerable elements with beauty gives a lot of happyness to people.  Being stable in your shoes gives already a more secure feeling to people !

Her designs have a strong and recognisable image.

Using architecture and furniture shapes as a base of inspiration was a very interesting horizon to transform this on shoes.

She maintained her line underground, as not willing to transform the collection into a mass product.

The combination of natural materials, original heels in wood and elegant details melts into a strong  image. She tries to combine rough and natural elements with feminine details and likes to play with this contrast.

Some heels are sculpted out of wood by hand, thus resulting in beautiful arc shapes which run down to the sole.

Playful and feminine are the keywords characterizing the collection.

With the collection ‘ellen verbeek’ we deliver exclusive quality shoes, advanced design in durable materials and quality workmanship.

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Blokstraat 73 Schiplaken 3191 Belgium