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Elke Peeters

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Already as a child Elke Peeters knew she would be designing jewellery. After all it was her own grandfather who lead her to discover the beauty of diamonds and jewels. After high school Elke ventured to Antwerp to study jewellery design at the Academy of Fine Arts. For a long time she combined design with teaching, but a few years back she resolved to pursue her own brand and workshop.

Today Elke designs jewellery for women who enjoy timeless beauty and care a great deal for quality and service. Precious materials such as gold, silver, diamonds and other precious stones inspire her to create valuable gems. In addition to custom made designs, she produces her very own annual collection piece by piece characterised by elegance and pure femininity. All jewels are also handmade, signed and therefore unique. In short, treasures to give, to wear and to cherish.