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Are you also crazy about textiles?

And we are not just talking about fashion, but above all about the most unknown innovative products that the textile sector has to offer and that you come into contact with every day. Have you ever thought about why a firefighter suit is fire resistant? Or how are doctor’s coats antibacterial? But also the artificial turf where you play sports is textile and much more.

To guarantee these innovations, this quality, this design and this durability, more than 650 Belgian textile producers work there every day. Innovation in technology, raw materials, production processes and services contributes to this. This is obviously a challenge for which they need motivated workers. Would you like to contribute to the future of tomorrow?

Here on the Crazy for Textiles website, you can familiarize yourself with the sector, with the textile training courses that are offered and you can find an up-to-date database of job vacancies in the textile industry.

Dingue de Textile is an initiative of the textile industry and textile training.

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Boulevard Industriel 62 Mouscron 7700 Belgium