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Design for resilience

Contact: Vanessa Colignon
Braine-l’Alleud Belgium Tel: +32 2 880 87 06 Website:

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What if reducing our waste and our environmental footprint went through the relocation of natural textile fibers and an ethical and transparent textile industry?

Design for resilience Studio is a textile research workshop based in Braine-L’Alleud (Brabant Wallon, Belgique), for a zero waste, zero plastic, and an healthy lifestyle, founded by Vanessa Colignon.

We want to allow everyone to reduce their environmental and social footprint, by reducing our waste and the spread of micro-plastics in nature through the creation of clothing and accessories in natural, local and solid fibers, produced in circuit- short and with respect for the living.

The relocation of production, brought about by a strengthening of European environmental standards in the 90s and the attractiveness of low-cost labour; not benefiting from any social protection in countries where lax environmental regulations do not allow to protect the nature, health, land and drinking water of the inhabitants of the producing countries has allowed the advent of fast fashion such as we know it today, to the detriment of living beings and the planet.

Today, we can no longer tolerate this race for productivity and the resulting toxicity of production. This is why we are focusing our forces in particular on the relocation of the production of natural, resistant and ecological textile materials in Belgium and on innovation in the craftsmanship of naturally ecological materials by working in particular with one of the last hosiery factories from Belgium.

Producing in a short circuit allows us to guarantee respect for workers and living things, while limiting our dependence on fossil fuels.