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Office Antoon Catriestraat 39C Drongen 9031 Belgium Tel: +32 (0) 9 258 14 05 Website:

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CYCLEUR de LUXE is a lifestyle brand with a wide range of women, men and kids shoes and a brand new women and men textile collection. The story of CYCLEUR de LUXE starts with the world of cycling. We get our trends and the inspiration for our trends from the Belgian cycling culture.

We offer a diverse collection of women’s, men’s and kids trainers. The collection runs from signature to innovative footwear. CYCLEUR de LUXE tries to combine affordable, comfortable, innovative and trendy shoes. The stylish footwear is made of sturdy and high-quality leather, and makes use of colors that ensure a timeless design.

CYCLEUR de LUXE also offers a range of ecological men’s shoes. With awareness for people and the environment, CYCLEUR de LUXE has developed a sustainable shoe line, the RE>CYCLEUR line. The shoes are made of recycled materials and chrome free leather.

After years of preparation and months of hard work, our first CYCLEUR de LUXE apparel collection for men and women is finally on the market! It is a dream to style people from head to toe and this is the next step to accomplish this goal.

The sneaker and textile collections are offered online or in over 450 dealer locations. For a store nearby, check our store locator.

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Antoon Catriestraat 39C Drongen 9031 Belgium