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 Who are we?
Our headquarter is based in Belgium. For over 20 years Criaturas has been successful in organizing unique private and corporate events for top clients.

We organize these events as an agency for the Belgian market from A to Z. Internationally, we primarily focus on event entertainment, spectacles & event design with the development and supervision of the concept, creative and artistic production. Together with other international or local eventagency’s we organise and manage the whole event.

We are an exclusive event and entertainment agency with our own in-house developed acts, animations and performances at haute couture level. Criaturas’ success is emphasized by the awards we have won with our events and entertainment over the past years.

Criaturas finds it’s roots in the fashion world,

thanks to the founders Olivier Desimpel en Saskia de Tollenaere.

“Our studies fashion and theatre design are at the foundation of our creative ventures.

Already during our studies we created the right setting and photoshoots to expose our designs en vision. We built sets, cast models, searched for the right music, …

1999, Fin de siècle. We closed our studies. Our final work at the academy was an unique experience.

A theatrical funeral procession. A decadent story of love and innocence.

Our emotions were given form in a performance.

Since then we design performances and shows with the idea to entertain during parties and events.

Since 2001 we organise special events for private and business occasions. With every event we offer a tailor-made concept based on a story. Over the years our creations evolved to total experiences and we have become real storytellers.

In 2010 we opened our house as the concept ‘the private loft’.

While shaping our own world, Saskia developed into a true artist with her own brand ‘DTS’.

Since 2016 she makes fine art and exhibited all the way to art Miami.

We want you to experience a different world to sense something out of the ordinary. We love to experiment and bring our idea’s to live, to make them tangible. Our style is edgy, other-wordly, refined, authentic, imaginative. We are unparalleled and folow our own path.”

Why choose Criaturas?
We create highly exeptional thematic concepts and special events based on a story for private and business occasions.

With 20 years of experience in designing and developing original and memorable events, theme parties and animations you can trust us with your ideas and we will make it into reality.
Own design studio with tailor-made scenery and animation in own production and management.
We’ve got a full family of designers, artists, scenery-builders, graphic and audio-visual designers, logistic and technical partners and a wide professional network.
A masterful insight in the staging of a party to the smallest detail.
Support from A to Z for the total creative production and logistical preparation for your event.
International collaborations with the best event agencies.

Artists bring events to life
Artists are essential and an important added value to our concepts.

A concept without artists does not come alive.

The artists bring the concept and setting to life with their acts and are always “one of a kind”. We personally know all the artists and constantly cast them in a specific role.

We provide appropriate wardrobe, accessories and makeup.

The costumes, designed and created by Criaturas, with countless details and the use of unique haute couture fabrics are very distinctive.

Our mission
Our mission is to move, astonish and bring beauty to your guests with every unique event, spectacle or each form of entertainment. Have you not found what you are looking for? Then we will make it come to life for you

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Langerbruggekaai 44 Gent 9042 belgium