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Rue Général Fivé 4 Etterbeek 1040 Belgium Tel: +32 2 648.09.33

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In Etterbeek, we always find a solution for your clothes thanks to Brigitte’s alterations
Do you want to shorten your pants? The zipper of your jacket is broken? Is there a hole in your clothes? The Couture Brigitte store has a solution for all your problems! As much for children as for women and men, this professional seamstress carries out alterations with know-how, on all types of material, including suede and leather.

Precision work
Brigitte is a perfectionist who ensures impeccable results for each client. She insists on the precision of her work and the deadlines clearly depend on each context. If hemming is very quick, for example, other garment alterations may take longer. But the wait is clearly worth the end result!

Do not hesitate to entrust the alterations of your clothes to Brigitte! Helped by her daughter, she will do everything to get the job done.

A wide variety of services
As a sewing expert, Brigitte puts everything into practice to meet all your expectations: making clothes, making dresses, transformations, fashion school collection, furnishings, etc.

Do not hesitate to contact the store for more information. Brigitte even gives sewing lessons every Wednesday and every other Saturday from her sewing workshop located in the municipality of Etterbeek, in Brussels.


A wide range of upholstery
The practice of sewing is not limited to the manufacture and repair of clothes, far from it! In her brand, Brigitte perfectly masters the handling of fabric and offers a wide range of upholstery:

Chair cover
Cushion cover

Special fabrics
A seamstress by trade, Brigitte makes all your furnishings using special fabrics and assures you of quality work that will meet your expectations. In addition to making upholstery, it offers services such as alterations, making clothes and making dresses, transformations and collections for fashion school. Call on her talents as a seamstress, Brigitte is waiting for you in her shop located in Brussels, in the municipality of Etterbeek.

A warm welcome
The owner of the Couture Brigitte boutique welcomes you to her store with a sense of contact recognized by her loyal customers, who are always satisfied with her creations. She welcomes you every day of the week.

Monday, Tuesday and Thursday from 9 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. and from 2 p.m. to 6 p.m.,
Wednesday from 9 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.,
Friday from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. and from 2 p.m. to 6.30 p.m.
Do not hesitate to contact her for more information and do not miss to follow one of her personalized sewing lessons every Wednesday or every other Saturday, in her store located in Etterbeek.

Clothing manufacturing

Sewing, alteration and making clothes in Etterbeek
It is always fun for ladies to distinguish themselves with unique clothes. One of the best ways to do this is undoubtedly to favor making clothes in a sewing store rather than going to a supermarket.

Based in Etterbeek, the Couture Brigitte brand specializes in sewing, alterations and the making of women’s clothing. Do you want a very specific model and do you already have an idea of ​​the fabrics you want to use?

Just discuss it with our seamstress Brigitte, who will take care of the sewing and making of your garment with pleasure and passion.

Manufacture of all types of clothing
When making clothes, it is essential to take into account the size and morphology of each woman. Brigitte makes models of all sizes, with the material of your choice, including suede and leather.

She realizes all types of clothes:


A tailoring service specific to dresses

Located in Etterbeek, in the Brussels region, Brigitte’s couture store offers a unique dress-making service, where each woman has the opportunity to wear her dream dress: evening dress, bridesmaid dress,…

Brigitte and her daughter put all their know-how and experience to work to sew and alter your clothes. They give you an impeccable finish!

Do not hesitate to contact the Couture Brigitte boutique for more information. It also offers services for alterations, transformations, collections for design and furnishing schools.

You can also take sewing classes, accessible to people of all levels, every Wednesday and every other Saturday.

Dress making

A unique and personalized dress model
What woman has never dreamed of wearing a unique dress envied by all at a party? Specialized in making dresses for more than 30 years, the Couture Brigitte boutique located in Etterbeek, one of the municipalities of Brussels, makes absolutely all the dresses you want: evening dress, bridesmaid dress, bride, …

All you have to do is come with the model of your dream and the fabrics you want to see Brigitte accomplish feats and make a dress that will exceed your expectations!

Adapted to your size
This professional seamstress makes a dream dress adapted to each client. A dress that hugs your shapes and curves to show you off. Brigitte takes full account of your size and your morphology to create with great precision the outfit that best represents you.

More than interesting alternatives
Don’t want to give up the dress you care about the most? The Couture Brigitte store offers you many services able to remedy your problem, such as possible alterations or transformations. Making clothes of all kinds, making clothes for fashion school collections and furnishing are also among the specialties of Brigitte and her daughter Nell.

Contact them for more information and do not hesitate to come and take a sewing course in their shop in Etterbeek, every Wednesday, and every other Saturday.


Clothes that never went out of fashion
Do you think your clothes are out of fashion? Do you have a crush on the fabric of one of your outfits but you no longer want to wear it? Do not throw away your clothes unnecessarily, Couture Brigitte is capable of exploiting your clothes and transforming them to obtain an impressive result. A model is outdated? Brigitte cuts it!

Get creative
What could you do with the fabric of your outfit? It’s up to you to talk about it with a seamstress who is passionate about her job! Brigitte advises you preciously if you have an idea in mind, but she can also suggest alternatives. For transformations, only one watchword: creativity!

Size and morphology in the center of attention
For any transformation, an essential aspect consists in considering with great attention the size and the morphology of each customer in order to create or transform him a tailor-made garment. The Couture Brigitte boutique offers many services including alterations, dress making, clothing making for a fashion school collection but also furnishing.

Interested in these services? Do not hesitate to contact the store. And why not start sewing? Brigitte gives sewing lessons in Etterbeek, in the Brussels region, every Wednesday and every other Saturday for students of all levels.

Fashion school collection

Available to design school students
The students of the design schools of Brussels do not hesitate to call on Couture Brigitte to make the models they design as part of their courses. They come with their creations and will present their collection after work done with precision and know-how by a professional seamstress.

A confection for each model
The students obviously take care of all the model and patronage part. Specialized in making clothes and making dresses, Brigitte offers them valuable help. This seamstress from Brussels also offers a wide variety of services to her clients: alterations, transformations, furnishing, etc. Thanks to her sense of contact and her unanimously recognized work in her shop in Etterbeek, she has managed to retain a large customers, always delighted with the result.

Possibility of sewing lessons
For a student in fashion design school, knowing how to sew is certainly an additional asset and the student will undeniably add a string to his bow. Brigitte offers sewing lessons every Wednesday and every other Saturday and welcomes people of all levels.

Do not hesitate to contact her for more information, she will be happy to answer you with passion.

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Rue Général Fivé 4 Etterbeek 1040 Belgium