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Office Headquaters Flanders Fieldweg 37 Waregem 8790 BelgiumOffice Rambla 207, 1st floor Sabadell 08202 SPAINOffice No. 12, Linjiang Road, Weiting, Suzhou Industrial Park, Suzhou City, Jiangsu Province, ChinaOffice Wilhelmstr. 160-164 Lichtenstein 72805 GermanyOffice Jazor, National University Gazipur Gazipur Sadar Bangladesh Tel: +32(0)56 62 73 73 Website:

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Our dedicated R&D department offers ‘core’ fabrics as well as tailor-made product developments to perfectly fit your collection needs. Our dedicated R&D department and specialised internal colour lab ensures that the fabrics are in line with the latest fabric, colour and fashion trends. Concordia Textiles provides a one-stop solution also offering linings and the manufacturing of jackets.

We distinguish fashion formal and fashion casual designed fabrics to meet different lifestyles and occasions. Our fashion formal fabrics are developed with a timeless clean look in mind, perfect for jackets and coats in tailored collections. Our fashion casual fabrics reflect style identity and originality for the fashion-conscious men and women who want a unique and personal style. Concordia Textiles offers therefore a new generation of outerwear fabrics with special applications resulting in leather or chalked looks, under glass effects, metalized effects, etc.

In order to inspire our customers, 2 times a year we develop a fashion-forward collection named “Tendenze” which is based on the latest trends. This collection stands out for its degree of creativity and technical innovation. Depending on the supply chain of our customers, the fabrics can be supplied either out of our Europe or Asia based mills.

Fabrics used for sports apparel combine aesthetical characteristics and a good handfeel with the required performance properties. We distinguish therefore ‘sports fashion’ and ‘sports performance’ fabrics catering for lifestyle sports brands as well as for specialised outdoor performance brands.

Sportswear has become a significant clothing style. With our ‘sports fashion’ range, we distinguish ourselves from the competition by pairing fashionable styling with functional properties such as waterproofness, high breathability, fitting comfort , etc.

Our ‘sports performance’ range is developed for those people who love outdoor activities. The fabrics in this range are based on leading technology in weather protection, breathability, stretch, thermal insulation, etc. and combine excellent functionality with a high level of comfort.

Concordia Textiles is committed to the environment and offers fabrics made of recycled yarns. Both production units are REACH , Ökotex and ISO 9001 compliant.


ew fabrics add more value to the end user than personal protective fabrics. Concordia Textiles develops and manufactures technical protective fabrics used for personal protective equipment (PPE).

Through a thorough understanding of the end-user, we ensure the best possible protection for professionals who are exposed to a variety of risks during their operations in either industrial, civil, medical or military markets.

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Headquaters Flanders Fieldweg 37 Waregem 8790 Belgium

Rambla 207, 1st floor Sabadell 08202 SPAIN

No. 12, Linjiang Road, Weiting, Suzhou Industrial Park, Suzhou City, Jiangsu Province, China

Wilhelmstr. 160-164 Lichtenstein 72805 Germany

Jazor, National University Gazipur Gazipur Sadar Bangladesh