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Cobot is the sectoral training center for the textile industry

We advise and assist employees and candidate employees in the textile sector at various pivotal points in their careers. We want to provide them with maximum support and guidance in developing and strengthening their competencies throughout their career.
We also help textile companies to develop a competence policy and a diverse personnel policy.


We want to encourage current and future employees in the textile industry
to lifelong learning, so that they can use their competences and talents to the full
develop and deploy. We encourage a learning culture for the textile companies.
We promote the textile industry through all kinds of actions and we put the various
study and career opportunities.
We closely follow the evolutions in (textile) competences and education and
maintain close contacts with key players in the labor market. So
we can assist our textile companies with advice and assistance, and all their questions
on training, safety and the inflow and outflow of employees.
We help textile companies to provide their employees with
to keep the drive to work.


We want to reach all textile companies with our services. Do they have a
training question? Then they immediately make the link with cobot/cefret. Together with the
textile companies, we form a partnership to put the right people in the right place
to get. We are also putting the textile industry in Flanders and Wallonia in the
spotlights. In this way we make the sector attractive for new employees. And
we transfer knowledge from generation to generation.


All our employees show respect for each other and our customers. Of
equality as the common thread throughout our organization. Employee,
job seeker or company? We share our knowledge with everyone. With the expertise that
Having Cobot and Cefret in-house, we take the textile industry to a higher level.

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Poortakkerstraat 92 Sint-Denijs-Westrem 9051 Belgium