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Chapter 42

Contact: Ann Strijbol
Office Vlasmarkt 20 Antwerpen 2000 Belgium Mobile: +32 4 78 22 14 67 Website:

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Being a jewel designer, Ann Strijbol has a realistic and contemporary sense of aesthetics. The name of the collection – Chapter 42 – refers to her age when she re-entered her academic past, during which she studied Metalwork and Jewel Design in Antwerp.

Besides her activities as jewel designer, she is also as a fashion stylist, which gives her a watchful eye for good aesthetics.

Ann gains her inspiration mainly from her feelings and she combines colours and materials in a subtle and tasteful way.

The creations of Ann Strijbol are often jewels composed of various parts, that can be worn separately or be part of another whole.

Some necklaces for example are composed of two or three different necklaces. Depending on the opportunity, outfit and state of mind the various parts can be added or omitted.

The Chapter 42 collections are mainly made of semiprecious stones, wood, glass pearls, bone, silver and coconut.
The colours are usually soft with here and there a brightly coloured stone as the exception that proves the rule.

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Vlasmarkt 20 Antwerpen 2000 Belgium