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Carla’s Handwerkshop

Andries Pevernagestraat 38 Harelbeke 8530 Belgium Tel: +32 56 701483 Website:

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Carla’s Handwerkshop: your clothes skillfully repaired

A broken piece of clothing? That often stays in your closet for weeks. You don’t find the time to pick up a needle and thread yourself. Or you miss your grandmother’s sleight of hand. The solution? Visit Carla’s Handwerkshop. Carla repairs your clothes quickly and efficiently.

Small or large clothing problems

Closing a tear in your jacket? Placing a zipper? Or widen or narrow your new skirt? Carla has it under control. Every working day between 13.30 and 18.30 you bring your clothes to her. A week later you will receive them back in great shape. Are you busy during those days? Then just drop by on Saturday morning, between 9 and 12 o’clock.

Also sewing supplies!

Perhaps you prefer to get behind the sewing machine yourself? Even then a visit to Carla’s Handwerkshop is worthwhile. You can browse through all sewing supplies and pick the right stitching, buttons or zippers. Knitting wool for your winter scarf is also waiting for you here. Carla is happy to provide you with appropriate advice.

Invisibly refurbished

At Carla’s Handwerkshop your pants or sweater goes through experienced hands. And you can see that … or just not. Because your garments are repaired in such a way that the sewing is almost invisible. That’s finishing.

Are you tearing the sleeve of your favorite coat? Then you trust Carla’s Handwerkshop. Feel free to pop into the store.


Closed on Mondays

Tuesday 13:30 – 18:00

Wednesday 13:30 – 18:00

Thursday 13:30 – 18:00

Friday 13:30 – 18:00

Saturday 09:00 – 12:00

Closed on Sundays

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Andries Pevernagestraat 38 Harelbeke 8530 Belgium