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Office 26 Boulevard de Waterloo Brussels 1000 Tel: +32 2 523 24 28 Website:

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Atelier véritable

“As day subtly turns to night and the hours steadily string by, the dream, at once airy and elegant, comes within reach. Pleasurably palpable.” – Carine Gilson

Carine Gilson’s story harks back to the 1990s. A freshly-minted graduate of Antwerp’s prestigious Royal Academy of Fine Arts, where she studied fashion, Carine Gilson discovered Maille France, a small Brussels atelier that manufactured fine ladies’ underslips. She immediately fell in love with the world of lingerie.


Carine Gilson decided to acquire the workshop and, with sheer dedication, set out to work on silk, lace, and exceptional materials. In the fashion of the boundlessly creative and refined lingerie creations of yore, Carine Gilson embraced this new adventure, taking her passion to the next level to create unique, breathtaking pieces in her Brussels atelier.

Exceptional Creations

The designer soon launched her couture lingerie line, Carine Gilson, a synonym for a world filled with incomparable beauty.

In no time, the press and finer stores from Japan, England, Italy, and America came calling. Buyers from renowned stores recognized the rare quality of these creations, which conjure the bygone enchantment of times past within our changed, modern world.

The prestige of Carine Gilson’s lingerie has grown quickly thanks to the unwavering excellence of her creations. In the House of Carine Gilson, every piece is lovingly crafted by hand. Perfection and finesse espouse rigor and passion. Lace incrustation is raised to an art form.

Take Flight

2018 saw Carine Gilson soar to new heights, with a redesigned logo that captures her very essence: two light, delicate wings of a bird on the verge of spreading in a gentle, feathery stroke.

Her new boutique on Boulevard de Waterloo in Brussels was designed by architects David & Nicolas who, together, created a subtly polished space celebrating Carine Gilson’s unabashed femininity and unparalleled refinement.

Symbolic of this ascent with wings aloft, the ready-to-wear and couture collections have been developed to take on an evocative and delicate turn. Here, the exceptional always takes center stage. In her incomparable signature style, Carine Gilson now designs for day, evening, and night.


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26 Boulevard de Waterloo Brussels 1000