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Carine Gilson

Work 17 rue A. Gevaert Brussels 1070 Work Press 5, rue de Provence Paris 75009 Work Phone: +32 2 523 24 28 Work Phone: +33 1 73 54 19 50

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From turn of the century it is now a workspace, modern and spacious offering 20 seamstresses the atmosphere essential to achieving unique designs requiring specialised knowledge and experience. It has nevertheless preserved its artisanal  spirit, the spearhead of the house. Here, we combine modern and traditional know-how and we speak of contemporary craftsmanship.gilson

Know-how and quality

Lyon silk and Chantilly lace, materials of choice for Carine Gilson reflect the women she dresses.

Shaped, sculptural lace, embroidered onto silk, grafted onto different colours of silks, are all techniques acquired over time. They require skilled virtuosity in performance and are the hallmark of the House.

Producing the creations requires a team of several expert hands that shape with skill and love, each in turn, the different pieces to form the works of Carine Gilson. A Kimono with lace requires up to 15 hours for its creation.

Each piece is unique and handcrafted with the necessary artisanal respect. From design to execution, every detail is carefully controlled within the workshop, the Brussels ‘House’ and under the supervision of the designer herself.


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