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Calcutta is a world leading supplier of creative fashion textiles for interior decorating purposes





Calcutta NV is a Belgian weaving mill with its headquarters in the historic village of Sleidinge near the city of Ghent in Belgium. Established in 1848, Calcutta has built up a strong reputation in the textile industry and acquired a unique know how throughout the years. As a Flemish jacquard weaver, Calcutta evolved from a traditional plant to a modern textile factory offering well-designed, custom-made products.

As of today, we produce Window Fashion Fabrics for blinds, High End Textile Wall Covering and Technical Textiles for multiple industries. The 25.000 square meter factory is vertically integrated and produces innovative solutions to fit the market demand. We export to over 60 countries in every continent of the world and are continuously innovating our products.

Calcutta is committed to meet the highest expectations of its customers by providing excellent service and quality products, establishing long-term customer partnerships, developing innovative technologies and remains a respected name in the industry.

Our goal is to create a comfortable atmosphere in people’s daily life by offering well-designed, environmental friendly products. These are manufactured with the highest degree of dedication and delivered with a sense of warmth, individual pride and company spirit.

Our mission and values

Customer partnerships
To develop partnerships with each of our customers and conduct our business affairs in a highly ethical manner and with a common-sense approach.

Product innovation
To produce and supply our industries, through development, production, distribution and service with innovative and environmental friendly products which addresses well-defined market needs worldwide.

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Schoolstraat 20 Sleidinge 9940 Belgium