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Contact: Koen Van Wevenbertg
Work HEAD QUARTERS Dendermondestraat 44 Antwerpen 2018 BelgiumWork emiel banningstraat 11 Antwerpen 2000 BelgiumWork rue léon lepage 2 Brussels 1000 BelgiumWork brabantdam 135 Gent 9000 BelgiumWork leiestraat 20 Kortrijk 8500 Belgium Cell Phone: +32 497 50 32 05 Work Phone: +32 3 257 30 02 Work Phone: +32 2 513 54 44 Work Phone: +32 9 225 63 23 Work Phone: +32 56 49 69 29

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We first invite you to make an appointment so we can sit together and see what your expectations and desires are. Would you fancy a tailor-made suit for one person or for more? A made to measure shirt to go with that or some accessories? We then take your measures and we make an appointment for a first fitting. Depending on your wishes, this will take about … (?) If there are some modifications necessary, we happily make an appointment for a second fitting. You see, we leave nothing to chance: your suit has to feel exactly right for you and only you.OUR AIMMethod of Operation…we provide style and quality designed to fit your body perfectly: we sculpt the fabrics of your choice around your body. Tailored with attention to detail at an affordable price: we’ll make sure your pockets are still deep enough to put your wallet in afterwards.We fine-tuned our family tradition of craftsmanship in tailoring to a modern day and age. Social media, apps and selfies changed our digital footprint forever… but not our necessity to dress and look well. After all, you never get a second chance for a first impression.When was the last time you wore something that seemed to be made just for you? We combine our skills with quality material to bring you an out-of-body experience. Or at least the experience of what is just outside of your body.Our StoryCustom-madeCafé Costume Because…philosophy . . . .

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