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Office Adamstraat 8 Geraardsbergen 9500 Belgium Tel: +32 54 44 90 79 Website:

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Originality and creativity: you will discover that immediately when you work together with seamstress Liesbeth Vidts. In my sewing studio By Liesbeth in Geraardsbergen I not only create my own designs but I also help you with workshops, sewing lessons and selling all kinds of fabrics. Call on over thirty years of industry experience.

embroidery studio
A first pleasant acquaintance with By Liesbeth is the drill studio. Anything that a needle can go through can also be embroidered. You can immediately take that literally because all textiles from private individuals, associations or companies can be provided with logos and inscriptions.

sewing workshop
Discover my sewing studio for lessons and workshops. This can be done through intense individual lessons or through group lessons. From the beginners to the advanced, everyone is welcome to explore the many possibilities of sewing.

As a seamstress in Geraardsbergen I also like to get creative. Therefore, do not hesitate to order your retouches from me. Shortening trousers, narrowing dresses, repairing clothes or installing zippers, these are just a few of the many options.

Fabrics and haberdashery
To get started with the right materials yourself, you can buy fabrics from me. You get a wide choice and if your supplies are not in stock, they are ordered immediately. You can also buy your supplies from me.

Sewing machines and designs
Work with an easy-to-use and strong sewing machine when you start sewing yourself. Therefore, do not hesitate to buy a sewing machine from By Liesbeth. I am your exclusive distributor of the Brother brand. Finally, I design your clothing and various accessories.

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Adamstraat 8 Geraardsbergen 9500 Belgium