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Aerodynamics, biomechanics, muscle compression,… Today all of these terms have become common items. Today nobody can deny the fact that sports have become an exact science. It wasn’t always like that.

Back in 1984, when we started with the development of our biomechanic bike fitting system, we couldn’t assume that cycling ant technology would go hand in hand in such a resolute manner.

Ever since the day the biomechanic bike fitting system was introduced in the pro peloton, Bioracer has become a hot item in the world of cycling.

Since then, cycling has evolved, and Bioracer evolved, too. Thanks to us, different new technologies have been introduced. The use of Lycra, the first seamless cycling pad, seamless aerosuits, all of these innovations are successfully used by cyclists all over the world.

Innovating is in our genes. It’s that constant impulse that makes us good at what we do: improving your cycling performance.

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INDUSTRIEWEG 114 Tessenderlo 3980 Belgium