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Bernard Depoorter

Office Rue du Béguinage 39 Wavre 1300 Belgium Tel: +32 10 22 36 21 Mobile: +32 472 22 36 98 Website:

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Luxury Couture – Prestigious Ready-to-wear . A Style in honor of “Women.” a world of mystery, where austerity and fragility intertwine. A mystical, ghostly, monastic atmosphere. In secret castles of many years, in the reflection of the mirrors and the strangest yet tender memory of  Empress Sissi. This is the sphere in which evolves Bernard Depoorter. His creations give back to the woman of today her elegance and purity.  He draws silhouettes that emphasize small waists and long legs enhanced with endless stilettos.

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Rue du Béguinage 39 Wavre 1300 Belgium