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We do not only design premium clothing for the whole family. Our aim is to influence the lifestyle of individuals, without dictating their choices. We sold our first line of men’s shirts in the summer of 1989. Since then we have been inspired by countless references, which we absorb into our world. When Patrick named his first sportswear shirt after a small town in the United States, a true success story was created based on authentic American references. The “casual with a touch” was created with its nonchalant form and impeccable fabrics. Casual evolves into preciousness.

Designing garments without compromise allows us to focus on genuine products and authentic values. Our collections are based on true stories, delivering a specific point of view, which has become our signature. We control our product and our brand, while knowing that God is in the details. The Bellerose woman juggles between a military-inspired parka, that conceals a night gown and a pair of army trousers worn with leather brogues. Her children are granted the permission to be everything, all at once. Reflecting their age group, they enjoy their activities without worrying about the state of their t-shirt after a fight on the grass. With references to the army and workwear, the Bellerose man revisits the “old school” to suit an allure at that is at the same time casual and unique.


Creating a store is like building a new home. We want the space to be comfortable and functional, as well as reflecting our own tastes and aesthetics. Each store is individual, even though there are features they all share creating this particular Bellerose experience. Authenticity is core to all 16 flagship Bellerose stores and its 600 multi brand customers across Europe, Japan and the United States. Merging architectural genius with respect and preservation of the space: the stores are designed with wood, ambient sound, olfactory, cosy, raw and wide spaces. It is something rough and rock ‘n roll, real and sought out.

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3 Rijshout Groot-Bijgaarden 1702 Belgium