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What is Belgian Linen™?

The Belgian Linen™ quality label is an internationally registered trademark. The label was created to promote linen from Belgium, widely known as the world’s finest linen.

  1. Woven in Belgium
  2. At least 85% flax in weight
  3. Flax of European Origin

Europe’s finest flax

Flax thrives in this region of Western Europe. A moist and temperate climate and excellent soil quality provide for one of the best qualities of flax in the world. This region is situated between Caen and Amsterdam, Belgium being in the exact middle of it all.

Strictly governed

The Belgian Flax & Linen Association is the responsible and independent organization for authenticating fabrics as Belgian Linen™. Through membership, weavers can apply for a certification of their fabrics.

Once the Belgian Linen & Flax Association approves the certification, each batch of fabric is assigned a unique ID. Through this ID, buyers of the fabric and products based on it can always trace back the origins of the fabric.

Belgian Linen™ in your finished product

Buyers of our members’ linen fabrics can apply for a permit to use the Belgian Linen™ label as a marketing tool on their packaging and in their communication.

Current Members

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Poortakkerstraat 98 Ghent 9000 Belgium