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Office Av. dus Bois Jacquet 9 Dottignies 7711 Belgium Tel: +32 56 64 43 67 Website:

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Bel-Confect, tradition in workwear and foot protection!

Bel-Confect designs and manufactures functional and qualitative workwear and protective clothing that meets the client’s particular requirements. We specialize in the design and manufacture of safety footwear.

Our professional team responds quickly, accurately and adequately in offering the client exactly the required solution in the areas of:

Workwear and protective clothing
Safety footwear
Logistical follow-up

In a market that is stagnant yet competitive and replete with highly selective and demanding users of personal protective wear and equipment, all wanting to be assured of reliable means to assure a safe and comfortable work environment, Bel-Confect profiles itself as the best possible partner.

Bel-Confect achieves this by investing in knowledge, design, production resources, and logistical facilities and by offering innovative, flexible, and effective solutions in the areas of custom-made or standard workwear and safety footwear.

During the next 5 years, we intend to continue our growth by increasing the number of our key accounts for which we produce working outfits from start to finish. In addition, we intend to pursue and achieve considerable expansion geographically, e.g., in the Netherlands, (West) Germany, and Northern France.

We want to achieve the following results for all stakeholders:

Providing continuous added value by taking charge and relieving them of their concerns for design, production and availability of workwear and safety footwear. Short delivery terms, appropriate price/quality ratio, and a wide selection of articles to choose from.
A comfortable and pleasant work environment where knowledge, creativity and personal commitment are greatly encouraged and stimulated.
The pursuit of long-lasting partnerships, during which suppliers are urged to share knowledge and innovative ideas.
Continuity and growth, with a market-conform return on investment.
Social responsibility:
Professional conduct in the areas of safety and wellbeing for the workers in the workplace. Offering products that meet the standards of the Global Compact principles of the United Nations with regards to human rights, labour and environmental requirements, and anti-corruption provisions.

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Av. dus Bois Jacquet 9 Dottignies 7711 Belgium