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Office Industriepark Kwatrecht Neerhonderd 16 Wetteren 9230 Belgium Tel: +32 9 365 71 11 Fax: +32 9 365 71 27 Website:

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What we do

Innovative textiles. That’s what we stand for.

Bekintex produces innovative and high-tech textiles for a sustainable world.

Bekintex products
Thanks to a continuous focus on product and process improvement and a highly motivated team, Bekintex is the worldwide market leader in its niche markets. We have a team passion to win!

We are going to work with metal fibers and make various textile products from them:

from fiber to yarn = we produce yarns
from yarn to knit or fabric = we knit
from filaments to cables = we make cables, we apply coatings
Our products can be found in cars (car seat heating, car tires), work clothing, high-efficiency heating boilers, RFID tags on textiles, …

Where are our products used

  • Antistatic textiles: protective clothing, antistatic filter bags, conductive insoles for safety shoes, aircraft carpet, big bags (FIBCs) and brushes for ATMs and printers
  • EMI shielding textiles: protective clothing for power lines, fabric for radar camouflage networks, architectural shielding, EMI shielding for electrical cables
  • Smart textiles: microcables for durable RFID tags and intelligent textiles for medical applications such as heart rate monitors, smart mattresses, medical pads for electrotherapy
  • Heating cables: heating of (AdBlue®/DEF) SCR pipes, car seat heating, heated clothing
  • Heat-resistant textiles: coating tooling in the bending of automotive glass, as well as in the production of bottles & glasses, flat and architectural glass
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Industriepark Kwatrecht Neerhonderd 16 Wetteren 9230 Belgium