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Contact: Rina Njoli
Office Avenue du Brésil, 19 Brussels 1050 Belgium Tel: +32 2 850 01 79 Mobile: +32 473 342 962 Tel: +33 1 83 95 82 18 Website:

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L”AFRIQUE c’est chique

Young Belgian designer and original cradle Diamond (Congo), Rina Njoli grew up in a cosmopolitan and creative environment. In 2006, she created a ready-to-wear line under the brand BAKWANI 7.

Facing the media success of this collection Rina decided to extend its range to his great passion: jewelery. In 2010, born BAKWANI 7 JEWELRY. His taste for the refined art, his passion for precious and origins lead Rina to create fine collections, timeless and precision of a goldsmith.

Working closely with the best workshops in Antwerp and Paris, it is distinguished in the world of jewelry, firstly by the selection of precious metals and diamonds maturely selected and the other hand by the assembly and crimping.

BAKWANI 7 JEWELRY presents the gris-gris high jewelry and invites you to discover the secrets and the nobility of Africa trhough 15 ancestrals symbols

Each symbol is a lucky “lucky charm” that conveys a universal message. Rose gold, black or white yellow, these symbols are adorned with diamonds and precious stones.

The jewelery becomes unique is animated and takes life thanks to bracelets silk cords, necklaces, rings or earrings on which each symbol is represented.

The designs are timeless, both lucky and luxury jewelry, BAKWANI 7 managed to make fun jewel. In addition to its permanent collection, BAKWANI 7 JEWELRY also can compose endlessly. Choose symbol, gemstone, color and finish that illuminate you the most and thus create an exclusive jewel.

Timelessly and chic, the jewels BAKWANI 7 JEWELRY tell a story and as worn as a complice. An exceptional gem for a single link.

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Avenue du Brésil, 19 Brussels 1050 Belgium