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Bag Design Gunther Thienpont

Contact: Gunther Thienpont
Office Bist 187, Bus 2 Ekeren 2180 Belgium Mobile: +32 (0) 475 95 96 36 Website:

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Retail Branding + E-commerce
People do not buy brands, they join brands. Therefore, it is important that brand touchpoints are aligned on all levels to create a coherent brand experience.(Including eShop – Shopify Experienced)

Graphic Design
The graphic language is key, ranging from hangtags to complete CI guidelines… Every visual execution should breathe your brand DNA so that customers can recognize your brand in the twinkling of an eye.

In the era of social media images are key. Being an enthusiastic photographer, I also translate brand IDs into lifestyle and product photography.

3D Design
Retail means shops. Shops mean displays, fixtures, planograms and tailored shop solutions for your brand, a whole design package.

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Bist 187, Bus 2 Ekeren 2180 Belgium