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Bachelor of Textile Technology Gent

Work Schoonmeersen Valentin Vaerwyckweg 1 Gent 9000 Belgium Work Phone: +32 9 243 27 59 Work Phone: +32 9 243 27 03 Website: Fashion Technology Gent

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The Belgian textile industry is one of the most advanced and most successful industries in the world. Textile stands for creativity, diversity and advanced technology. The three-year training combines a theoretical knowledge with a practical know-how and will enable students to follow the technological evolution in the textile industry. Students will also develop their social and communicative skills.
As a professional bachelor in the textile technology students may be employed in the following branches of the textile industry: interior textiles, clothing, technical textiles, finishing industry and spinning industry and preparation. The diversity in jobs is enormous: foreman, head of a technical department, representative, salesman, head of quality control …

The aim of the study programme is to produce graduates who are capable of implementing their basic skills, which they have acquired a the University College, in a dynamic business environment in a critical manner. Graduates with a bachelor of textile technology must, as fledgling professionals, be able to anticipate the fast-moving highly-technological textile sector, implement innovations in the production and workers’ organisation with a view to thus contributing to the growth of the business.

With this bachelor’s degree, the graduates can find employment in three areas, both at home and abroad:

1. production;
2. quality;
3. technical-commercial.

The study programme guarantees that the students, upon completion of their professional
bachelor of textile technology master the following three competences:

– analytical and problem-solving thinking ability;
– high level of responsibility;
– self-reliance;
– assertiveness;
– an inquisitive mind/learning ability;
– communication: oral and in writing;
– social skills: team player and flexibility.

Graduates with a bachelor of textile technology have the following professional competences that allow them to carry out their tasks appropriately:

– working in a project-based manner (decisiveness, entrepreneurial spirit and initiative, planning and organising);
– accuracy;
– quality, safety and environmental awareness;
– creativity/geared to innovation;
– social skills: leadership qualities;
– focus;
– customer and market orientation.

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