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Babson Zotto

Work Strepestraat 44 Hulshout 2235 Belgium Website:

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Babson did what only an artist could do: he re-invented the jeans, this time for the woman and only for her… Jeans can have a thousand variations, but in the end all look alike: they all start from the 5 pocket model. The jeans Babson designs, draws, sews, are a wholehearted and successful ode to the curves of a woman. Babson loves women and it shows in his designs!
In Nigeria, the designer used the classic way – he started with sketches and had them sewn by seamstresses. In Belgium he chose a different way which is more elemental. He bought a sewing machine and learnt how to sew, how to draw and cut patterns, and he started experimenting – in an almost obsessive way – with the eternal subject: the hourglass figure.
These passionate experiments gave Babson a deep understanding of the construction of jeans and the possibilities of denim. His ingenious constructions make the stretch denim really fit the woman like a second skin.

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