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Contact: Sarah de Pauw Saar De Buysere
Office Jan Samijnstraat 15F Gentbrugge 9050 Belgium Tel: +32 (0) 495 45 19 42 Website: Shop:

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A playful youth is best explored in soft, fun clothes.
When your brand new outfit is produced with sustainability and comfort in mind it will fit like a glove.

Designed in Belgium, craftmanship from Europe.
Price conscious whilst maintaining exceptional quality standards.
At Ba*Ba Kidswear


Working in the childrenswear industry for over a decade has taught us one thing for sure. Nobody’s too small to make a difference.

We are not afraid to rethink fashion, and carefully consider everything we do. From the design to fabrics we use, all the way to what happens to our clothes after we are done with them: every step matters. We might be a small team but we partner with others to reduce our impact on the planet and people. We are dedicated to making a more just and sustainable future.

Because that’s exactly the future we want our children to have.



So far, the majority of our fabrics are made from natural and organic fabrics. Yet, with every new collection, we are increasing this. We have reduced the proportion of virgin synthetic fibres in our clothing and replaced some with recycled polyester. Currently, 95% of our collection is made with organic cotton.

This way, we are making our clothes safe for the planet and those wearing them.

In the future, we plan to phase out the synthetics as much as possible. Instead, we are looking to introduce new fabrics with a lower eco-footprint. Additionally, we are finding ways to reuse the leftover scraps from our production and reduce fabric waste.



Producing ethically has always been at the core of our business. We are serious about understanding and knowing where our clothes come from. We do not support practices like child labour, slavery, unpaid working hours, or lack of social security.

Thus, have been partnering with trusted manufacturers in Portugal, Bulgaria, and Turkey for years. We have visited these factories ourselves, to see how and where our clothes are made.

Our partner factories are well recognised and carry certifications like GOTS, OEKO-TEX. They also have a strong corporate social responsibility policy. Together, we are working on sourcing better fabrics, reducing our production waste, and aligning our businesses with the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).



Packaging is a big part of any fashion business. We switched partly to a plastic-free and recycled carton and paper packaging to reduce our impact and waste.

Our next goal is to reduce the transportation footprint.

The suppliers we work with choose to ship by land rather than air, to reduce the transport footprint. They are also starting to use recycled materials to transport our clothes. We are encouraging them to further increase recycled materials in their packaging.



Everyone deserves a safe future, where the clothes we wear don’t cost the planet but help us thrive.

This is why our clothes are made to last. We want children not only to wear the clothes but to #GrowUpWithBaBa.

With every purchase, we encourage you to make the most use of the clothes. This includes taking proper care of them but also passing them on to other children. Our clothes now come with detailed washing and caring instructions, printed on recycled cotton.

We play our part in this too. Every year, we partner with a local charity to donate parts of our clothes to children in need. This way, we give life to as many of our garments as we can, rather than wasting them.

Yet, we aim to do more.

We are planning something we call a Ba*Ba repair day. This will be an annual event where everyone is invited to come and repair clothes for themselves and others. Though our clothes are made with quality in mind, they still get ripped and worn out during playtime or outdoors adventures. We want to encourage mending and repairing the clothes first.

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Jan Samijnstraat 15F Gentbrugge 9050 Belgium