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About us

B&T Textilia specialises in exclusive high-end jacquard and plain fabrics. We ensure the uncompromising quality of our products by selecting only the best yarns, primarily from Belgium, France, Italy and Peru.

We thrive and search for the natural and elegant fibres, mainly wool, cotton, linen, silk and cashmere. We understand that look, feel and finish play an import roll in fabrics and therefore spend unlimited time and budget to reach the best.

Together with our customers we develop products which comply 100% to the requirements of the customers

Our story

B&T Textilia is specialised in jacquard fabrics and plain weaves.

All our high-end fabrics are made in Belgium and crafted from the best weaving yarns produced primarily in Belgium, France, Italy and Peru. By consciously choosing natural fibres − such as alpaca, mohair, wool, cotton, Belgian linen, silk and cashmere − we stay true to the essence of our heritage.

B&T Textilia is artisanal with the emphasis on artistry and skill. Idealist – the company uses fine natural fibres and materials almost exclusively – its roots and product- focused sensibillity are essentially European.


B&T Textilia’s creativity is a result of wide-ranging influences, including our proud heritage.

Our 5 multicultural in-house designers are all passionate about intricate jacquard fabrics and textiles, and work with highly regarded freelance artists and licensing houses from all over the world.

A variety of design studios, trend books, art and colour books, frequent travels, old documents and archive fabrics provide further inspiration. B&T Textilia is also a member of several trend-watching associations such as Trendvision. All designs, books and historical fabrics are archived on a purpose-built software system.

Blending these different approaches, ideas and viewpoints produces high-end fabrics in an innovative stylistic fusion that ranges from ethnic to traditional to contemporary. Use of hi-tech textiles and the latest Computer Aided Design software – linked via a network to the weaving department – add flexibility and speed.

The result: custom-made products and developments, and one-of-a-kind and limited production items, all made in Belgium of the finest craftsmanship.


Because we control each step of the process with great care, we are absolutely confident in the quality of our jacquard fabrics and plain weaves. In the final step, to ensure the quality we promise, we test our fabrics in house on martindale and pilling.

All our jacquard fabrics and plain weaves are made in Belgium and crafted from the best weaving yarns, which are produced primarily in Belgium, France, Italy and Peru. We consciously choose natural fibres because of their ecological and luxurious character.

We work exclusively with the finest European dyeing houses, and we never make concessions on quality. The rich feel and craftsmanship of our high-end fabrics are our principal hallmarks.

Our history

The history of B&T Textilia is interwoven with the history of 5 generations of artisans – dating back to 1854 when the company’s founder was a maker of woollen suits and apparel fabrics.

Located between the historical towns of Ghent and Bruges, our company expanded its operations by absorbing other weaving companies in the area. Today building on 800 years of authentic Flemish craftsmanship, B&T Textilia represents an unknown passion for textiles.

For centuries, Flanders has been famous for its tapestry and weaving industry. The B&T Textilia weaving mill has been located in the village of Waarschoot, between Ghent and Bruges, for over 100 years. During this time, we have expanded our operations through several carefully-chosen acquisitions.

By combining over a century of experience, Flemish craftsmanship and a passion for innovation and high-end fabrics, B&T Textilia has become a preferred partner for the creative minds in the high fashion and interior design industries.


A golden age

Our story officially began in 1912, when Société Anonyme de Waarschoot founded Société Anonyme Textilia. But our history dates back to 1854, when our founder was a small-scale maker of woollen suits and fashion fabrics. Specialised in velour, the company became independent in 1925. The weaving industry was booming at that time, and more than 300 people kept over 300 machines up and running.


The humble ’70s

During the 1970s, the vibrant sound of the mill died down. The company merged with Société Anonyme de Waarschoot, and of the 1000 employees only 700 remained. The new N.V. Textilia focused on home linens, upholstery fabrics, fashion fabrics, industrial applications and yarn spinning. Even though its creations travelled all over the world, the company’s heyday was over − or so it seemed…


A new wind blowing

In the early 1980s, Patrick Van Damme took over the weaving mill. A decade later, his son Thierry, who had just finished law school, joined the company. They introduced the production of unique and exclusive products and changed the course of the company to upholstery and home decoration fabrics.

Then, in the mid-1990s, a fusion with weaving mill Bruggeman from the Waasland resulted in the new name: B&T Textilia. The new organisation brought the company back into the limelight of the fashion and interior design industries.

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Oostmoer 10 Waarschoot 9950 Belgium