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Behind the scenes of the “Au fil d’Audrey” workshops

I have always been drawn to art. When I was very young, I spent hours tinkering: beads, drawing, knitting,… The more meticulous the work, the more I liked it!

It was at my babysitter’s that I took my first steps behind a sewing machine. I was immediately fascinated by all the possibilities offered by sewing. For me, creation only has a real interest when it is useful. The making and creation of clothing therefore fills me particularly …

After a fifth and a sixth year cut-and-sew where I learn the basics and rigor, I embark on pedagogical studies. Transmission to others is important to me.

In parallel with my work as a teacher, I undertake design studies in evening classes where I can freely give free rein to my imagination.

The numerous orders, the positive reactions and the encouragement made me decide to create my own brand at the end of my studies: O’drey, and to embark on this adventure: the realization of a dream!

But very quickly, I realize that what I like even more is to share my passion! So I decided to set up sewing workshops.

Why sewing workshops?

Sharing and meeting with others allow me to enrich myself, so it was only natural that I decided to set up creative sewing workshops in order to communicate my passion!

I love the feeling of doing something yourself. Witnessing this feeling in your home is always a real moment of pleasure!

It is also my way of transmitting and participating in an alternative mode of consumption, where you feel able to “do it yourself” and consume in a more reasoned way.




O’drey is the clothing brand that I created when I finished my studies in fashion design. Feminine and innovative, my brand was entirely imagined and created in Belgium.

A brand with an instinctive and modern line, I wanted to meet all your desires. The O’drey collections blend sophistication and refinement to create a style that suits you with softness and nuance

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1, Place Henri Hallet Hannut 4280 Belgium