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Atelier P.

est. 1865
Simon de Heuvellaan 6 Wijnegem 2110 Belgium Website:

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L’atelier de Petrus
Atelier P.
Atelier P. is the wedding & engagement collection of P.C. Boschmans, a well established Belgian company founded in 1865.

The letter P. refers to Petrus Boschmans, the founder of the company who took over the workshop of his master Jaques Joris in 1907. It was Petrus who made the goldsmith and family business into a great success and established the brand name ‘P.C. Boschmans’.

Petrus had six children who joined him in the family business.

5 brothers and 1 sister.

Over the years, the company has acquired an exceptional knowledge of craftsmanship, always striving for the highest quality.

The century-old tradition of craftsmanship is still today being practiced by his great-grandchildren and the employees of the company. Together they still share the same passion for creating iconic pieces.

As a tribute to Petrus, we decided to relaunch some of his creations together with other designs that have been crafted through the years by his successors.

The collection
Atelier P. has been divided into three themes. No matter which style you prefer, there is something for everyone.

The RETRO COLLECTION. takes you back in time. You will meet the six children of Petrus Boschmans through these edgy, classic and original wedding & engagement rings.

If modern design is what you gravitate towards, you’ll prefer
the TRENDY COLLECTION. It distinguishes itself by its peculiar finish and contemporary look.

Less is more, Petrus couldn’t agree more.
The TIMELESS COLLECTION is based on his very first design. The fact that those wedding & engagement rings are still very popular after more than 100 years, gives an indication that “some things are meant to last”.

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Simon de Heuvellaan 6 Wijnegem 2110 Belgium