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Office HEADOFFICE NOVAVO N.V. BLOEMENLAAN 20 KLUISBERGEN 9690 Belgium Tel: +32 (0) 55 38 83 68 Website:

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Atelier Noterman is your brand of choice for good trousers. We are proud of our products and proud of the way we manage the manufacturing process. A fair deal for everyone, that is what drives us, every day.


The company behind Atelier Noterman is Novavo, founded 73 years ago by Etienne Noterman.

‘Making a good pair of trousers’ has always been the basic principle Atelier Noterman and mother company Novavo live by. But don’t be fooled: this motto isn’t as simple as it seems. Because, how do you define ‘good’? Good quality material, good fit, on-trend shape, a fun detail… this is what consumers expect and what we make happen, thanks to our expertise and our drive. However, there is so much more to a good pair of trousers. The way these trousers are produced is just as important. We know how, where and by whom our trousers are made.


Made to make a difference
We only commission our production to family ateliers where employees are valued, are paid a good wage and can work in a pleasant work environment. Where sustainability is not just a marketing tool, but an essential and concrete part of the way the business is run. ‘Doing good’ goes for every step in the production process. At this moment we are not yet able to say where exactly all cotton we use comes from, however, traceability of raw materials and products will become a must in the fashion trade in the near future, as it is already in the food industry. Transparency is fundamental in order to evolve towards a more sustainability-oriented world.

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