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Atelier Felis creates unique accessories out of recycled leather. By buying the products from Atelier Felis you support a small business owner who puts her time, energy and passion into creating an ecologically responsible product. You’re not only buying a nice and high-quality product that can be used for years to come, but you are also supporting a sustainable project.

We begin our design process by looking at materials that would otherwise end up in landfills. “Rather than starting with what could we make?” we start with “what can we make with the ‘waste’ that we sourced”.

Atelier Felis only uses 100% recycled leather. This leather can be reclaimed from discarded, damaged or out of fashion garments. But can also come from old couches or are remnants from the leather industry that would otherwise end up in the waste stream. All the materials we use also look great and are designed to last.

Because Atelier Felis only works with recycled leather, every piece is one-of-a-kind. There are only small amounts of each type of leather or color, making each piece a new experiment. Because of this our products are always limited and unique. This provides you with an alternative to mass-produced bags and accessories.

From start to finish, every item is Made in Belgium, in our studio in Antwerp. Atelier Felis resolutely opts for small, sustainable collections in a limited edition. We are committed to working locally and doing all the design and production in-house, with a focus on both function and style. We also take steps to keep the waste in our studio to a minimum. We make every scrap count!


Founded with the aim of enhancing sustainable production, Atelier Felis shows that we can transform waste materials into timeless and functional items that don’t chase trends and stand the test of time. All our products are made with leather sourced from post-consumer waste stream and industrial surplus. Starting with used leather garments and discarded leather due to damages or fashion trends we make beautiful, timeless accessories that are environmentally responsible at the same time.

Each and every Atelier Felis item is fully created, start to finish, in our studio in Antwerp, Belgium. We are committed to staying local and all the design and manufacturing is done in house.

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Vaartdijk 53, Wijnegem 2110 Belgium