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Contact: Artemi Vasilakis
Office 367, Avenue Louise Brussels 1050 Belgium Mobile: +32 496 710 840 Website:

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Discovering the Belgian designer of Art’emi

Behind the Belgian brand art’emi hides a modern woman, ambitious and active in her everyday life. Listening to new trends, the brand’s founder and artistic creator, Artemi Vasilakis, is a graduate of the Brussels Academy of Arts, and the Institute of Gemmology in Antwerp (HRD). It is at HRD that she takes courses on the classification of diamonds, the gemology of colored stones, the sorting of rough and polished diamonds, the design and sale of jewelry…

She worked for several years in the world of jewellery and diamonds. In 2002, she decided to embark on the adventure and create her own jewelry brand, which she called art’emi.

His inspirations

Based in Brussels, Artémi Vasilakis is dedicated to creating his own lines of jewelry, in gold, silver, vermeil, semi-precious stones … evolving between contemporary creations and fine jewellery, inspired by nature and contemporary or timeless forms. His creations all respond to the same concerns of elegance and quality.

Artemi’s jewelry is not one that stays in a box out of sight. Indeed, they are jewels that live, just as the women who wear them live. By their finesse and sobriety, they undoubtedly have this little touch of timelessness.

Convinced that a jewel is a reflection of the personality of the wearer, Artémi is one of the pioneers in engraving in Belgium. That’s why, as early as 2003, it allows the customization of its jewelry, so that these look like you. It is undoubtedly his trademark that makes all the originality of his creations. In addition, all the engravings on offer are free and made according to a high know-how.His collaborations

Artemi is a creator above all, and also makes specific requests. Whether it’s silver jewelry and/or semi-precious stones, or gold jewelry and gemstones. Indeed, it applies each time to find the right balance between its creativity and the personality of the person who will wear the jewel.

In addition, another aspect of his career is working with major brands. Examples include Donaldson, Baton Rouge, Talking, French, Céline, Nathan, Wood Work, Jack and Rose… Again, she made sure to work with respect for the brand, but also with her image and personality.

Today, his creativity, his sense of listening and his professionalism are highly appreciated by professionals and his personal clientele.

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367, Avenue Louise Brussels 1050 Belgium