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Arsenic & Vielles Dentelles

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  • The Story

    • The skin unveils…and the skin veils. The skin is double, becomes double. Like a jewel, drawing and emphasizing itself. Lingerie is flimsy.It makes us recall ourselves, to the women we were and to the women we’ll be, It’s the intimate link between us and us, between us and the gaze, between us and him between him and her. Lingerie is Vieilles dentelles.Then suddenly, the memory of an embrace, a dream of stripping, patiently impatient, until comes the sensual essence.
    • And, in a unique instant, Senses are smelting and confusing in a unique instant. Lingerie is Arsenic.Arsenic et vieilles dentelles paradoxes itself in order to offer you this liberty of sensuality, without being a jail or a constraint.Arsenic et vieilles dentelles goes along with tradition, silk, cotton and the precise home made know how bringing you to taste, in total freedom, the beauty of a forbidden poison.