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APA is a Belgian fashion brand that combines high style with deep science. Our name comes from the Sanskrit word for “water,” and our first product, the ĀPA raincoat, was built to live up to its namesake. We take cutting-edge performance technologies and fabrics from the world of extreme sports, and craft them into impeccable, irreverent outerwear for city dwellers, world travelers, and anyone with an eye for style.

After living in Brussels, Paris, New York, and other urban cities where it rains for much of the year, Franco-Belgian high-fashion designer Léa Stein discovered what was missing in the market: a modern coat that merges luxury with technology, effectively protecting wearers from the ever-changing unpredictability of weather while looking their best.


In 2016, Léa founded ĀPA. Her goal was a lofty one: to combine clean silhouettes, immaculate detail, and luxury manufacturing with today’s most innovative performance technologies, all while using sustainable processes and artisan craftsmanship, and producing it, beginning to end, completely within Europe. And that’s exactly what APA has achieved today.


Our first raincoat collection launched in 2019, and is a reflection of our brand’s vision: to take iconic fashion clothing and re-invent it in a way that provides innovative solutions to everyday problems, while keeping the fit, design, and artistry of high-fashion. With a successful Kickstarter campaign, and numerous awards for design and innovation, ĀPA is proud to continue to push luxury fashion forward.

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Avenue de la Sapinière 37 Bruxelles 1180 Belgium