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Annie Naaiatelier

Hazenpad 3 Zedelgem 8210 Belgium Tel: +32 50 208824 Website:

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Sewing workshop Annie in Zedelgem does all your repairs and retouches with a smile

Sewing workshop Annie, repairing and retouching clothing from needle to thread
Retouching your clothing, narrowing your clothes, taking up shoulders, shortening your sleeves, hem your skirt or trousers, shortening a coat, inserting or repairing a zipper? Sewing workshop Annie in Zedelgem is the common thread through perfect clothing, curtains and leather.

Narrower, wider, shorter or longer: nothing is impossible!
The motto of Annie van Sewing workshop Annie: ‘Nothing is impossible, there is a solution for everything!’ So present your clothing problem to this experienced seamstress: bet she has a suitable solution ready?

Ready for 25 years with council
Annie is never short of material herself: for more than 25 years she has been welcoming all customers with a broad smile and passion for any adjustment work. With an eye for detail, an ear for your needs and attention to quality, she sets to work to carry out your repairs and retouches according to the tricks of the trade.

Also custom curtains and leather works

In addition to clothing repairs and retouching, Annie is at home in measuring, collecting, hemming and repairing curtains. And you can even contact her for leather works, from repairs and retouches on motorcycle suits and leather jackets to handbags and other clothing in leather.

Sewing workshop Annie won’t let you suffocate
Repairs and retouches of the finest fabrics to sturdy leather: Sewing workshop Annie realizes it down to the last detail. Feel free to drop by with your clothing repair, retouch or question. Give Annie food for thought to arrive at the right solution with finesse, to your satisfaction!

Opening hours

Monday Tuesday
08:15 – 11:15
13:00 – 17:00
18:00 – 19:30

Wednesday Thursday

08:15 – 11:15
13:00 – 18:30
On Saturday and Sunday by appointment

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Hazenpad 3 Zedelgem 8210 Belgium