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Camiel Lenaertsstraat 7 Landen 3401 Tel: +32 496 38 28 57 Website:

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Creative with a love for fabrics

From my early childhood

As a child, I heard the tapping sound of the sewing machine more often than the radio. My mother clearly had a passion for designing and sewing. This was not surprising, because my great-grandmother was also an experienced tailor. She sewed everything by hand. One day she bought a sewing machine for her granddaughter. That’s how my mother got to grips with the magic of sewing. As a fourth-generation tailor in Landen, I opened my studio in Walshoutem. Here I make tailor-made clothing, bags, slippers and personalized items.

I do this for both individuals and companies. Characteristic is my creative self, which makes me happy to think along with you. I also do that when designing and embroidering personalized items, such as polo shirts or shirts for companies. You have clearly come to the right place at Alles op maat .

Are you looking for someone to repair your favorite garment?
Or would you like to have your wedding suit adapted to your changed sizes?
Then contact Alles op maat in Landen.

Customized retouches and curtains
In addition to designing clothing, Alles op maat is also available for your retouches and repairs. A broken zipper, shortening a pair of trousers or skirt, replacing the collar of a shirt: Everything made-to-measure restores your favorite clothes and does the necessary retouching of new purchases. In addition, I make and design unique curtains and repair your curtains. If desired, I can complement your interior with matching cushions or plaids. Not surprisingly, I always do that to measure. I love to be creative, so feel free to let me know your requests. And if you quickly need a large quantity of handmade textiles, please contact me.

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Camiel Lenaertsstraat 7 Landen 3401