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Meet Alex,

our founder and designer
Alexandra grew up under the wings of her mom who worked with internationally renowned swimwear and lingerie brands. In 2021, her fondness and eye for fashion inspired her to take the plunge and turn her passion into a timeless, classy and feminine brand.

As a mum of three, she marvels at the passion that lies within every woman in every phase of her life. To honour those who support and inspire her, she has named each product after one of them.

I aim to reflect feminine strength, passion and elegance with my swim and beachwear. With stylish collections that allow every woman to express her personality.

As a person that has a lot of affinity for lingerie, beach- and sportswear, she realised that the search for the perfect set or item should be more attainable. By creating a collection of swim- and beachwear herself, she gives others the merriment of high-quality and appealing items that can enhance any sunny experience.