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Annemie Verbeke

Work Rue Des Liègeois Luikenaarsstraat 47- 49 Brussels 1050 BelgiumWork Antoine Dansaertstraat 64 Brussels 1000 BelgiumWork Phone: +32 2 646 13 25Work Phone: +32 2 511 21 71Website:


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The most important continuity throughout all the collections of Annemie is the yearning, the desire to achieve a personal view on sublime daily life clothes.

Her creative knitwear is unique and expresses her extreme sensibility for the intimate combinations of colors and materials. Every season, mostly female personalities with an exceptional destiny (who accomplished an artistic career with a social involvement) are giving her a human profoundness she really needs. It’s a way of traveling, analyzing her own metaphors and dualities. Paradoxes seem reality for her and in her design strategy she succeeds to confront the ephemeral to the timelessness. A special attention is made on gorgeous shapes for dresses and skirts with surprising, almost hidden details. Her way is a fragile expression of an A-typical fashion but with a strong temperament.