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Contact: Carine Lauwers
Office Rue de Flandre 118 Brussels 1000 Belgium Mobile: +32 477 705573 Website:

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Discover the One Dress by Unica: your most individual creation, handmade to your very own measure, your colorful dreams and secret wishes.
When you ask a child to draw a dress, it will come up with a very simple A-form. This is the soul of every dress ever made in the world. And it is the template for every Unica dress. You can add length, width, colors or layers, or even sleeves, it will still be the dress that takes you practically anywhere. The paper pattern that will be the starting point for every new dress was established after careful measuring, drawing and finally fitting on numerous women. From this was distilled the ultimate Unica dress.

It begins with one dress. From here you can start dreaming about lines, colors and materials.

Will it be a slip on dress, or do you want it to follow your curves? Should the neckline plunge or underline your collarbone? Will you glimpse a knee or barely an ankle? Everything is possible.

The black dress you try on serves as a white canvas: you may paint it in monochrome greys or sparkling reds. Striped, chequered of wildly untamed. We can pleat, smock or embroider, use a contrasting stitch or an unexpected incision, everything to turn your dress into a unique creation.

You can play with the fabrics at hand so you can feel whether a coarsely woven Shetland tweed might suit you, rather than a coolwool barley weave or a sturdy cotton gabardine. Or should your dress be light as a feather in a floaty batiste from India, a delicate French voile or a see-through silk jersey?

In order for your Unica dress to be of high quality, it is drawn, cut and sewn by hand.

With an eye for artisanal detail and subtle proportions, each dress will be cut and sewn by hand, skillfully blending beautiful fabrics and intricate techniques.

Quite a refreshing experience in a time when everything can be reproduced in series, in standard sizes and at unjustified prices.

The simplicity of the pattern will highlight the quality of the materials and the delicacy of every line. Every line will accentuate the strength and beauty of your body.


Be part of the art of dressmaking.


Step 1: Your Unique Size

You want your ultimate dress to fit like a glove. Therefore the fit is our first concern.
From the six black dresses hanging in a row, only one comes close to your shape.
That will be your template. Once you have slipped into the dress, every detail will be scrutinized attentively. Every adjustment will be pinned out carefully, until it feels exactly right for you.

Step 2: Your Selected Material

Only natural materials feel comfortable and secure, like a second skin.
You can choose from fabrics that have been selected from all over the world.
Seeing, feeling and draping the fabrics will help you make the right choice.
Each piece of material serves one dress only, so your Unica dress will definitely be unique, exactly how you imagine it.

Step 3: Your Perfect Finishing

When the fit and the fabric fulfill all your wishes, the finishes have to be perfect as well. Whether you chose for an intricate embroidery or a simple contrasting stitch, it will be executed with the greatest dedication. This way your Unica dress will be the proof of devoted craftsmanship, exactly how you want it.

Step 4: Your Selected Material

When all the details have been discussed and agreed upon, you will only need a few days patience before the dress will be finished. In exceptional cases, we ask you to return for an additional fitting session. Your Unica dress comes with a unique label and a lifelong guarantee on adjustments, so that it will forever be exactly as you desire.

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Rue de Flandre 118 Brussels 1000 Belgium